Psychological ways of understanding the self

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2 June, 2021

Recently at MyST, we have been undertaking a process of reviewing the core principles and practices that underpin our service approach. Discussing the ‘MyST fundamentals’ as we’ve termed them, team members who are new hands and those who are rather older hands in the MyST approach have come together to exchange ideas. Discussing our clinical […]

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Learning to end

7 April, 2021

The other day at MyST, in one of our regular team reflective practice sessions, we got to thinking about the endings of our work with children and families. A number of our pieces of work with children were coming to an end, and it seemed useful to think together about endings as a theme.The discussion […]

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We are not our thoughts

4 November, 2020

I was recently talking with a friend and she began to tell me about how the stresses of the Covid 19 pandemic and its impacts on society, freedoms, pleasures and relationships were taking their toll on her. She said that she had started to feel low, unhappy and hopeless. She had even started to think […]

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The community of me

1 June, 2020

In a team reflective session the other day, we were processing our experiences, personally and professionally, of the Covid 19 pandemic. Eventually, the presence and fear of death was acknowledged. As the conversation rolled around the group, it turned out that many parents had been considering their wills, the house deeds, their life insurance. What […]

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The problem of not being good enough

18 May, 2020

The other day I was talking with a colleague whom I clinically supervise. Through our talking together she discovered that some of the difficulties she was facing were rooted in a sense that she feels inadequate. This conversation reminded me… Somewhere down at the base of many of us is a fear: ‘I’m not good […]

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