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Creating creativity …

5 July, 2022

Providing clinical supervision to a colleague the other day, I noticed a rich stream of thoughts occurring to me. Ideas were easily finding their words of expression, connections between concepts were lighting up at a glance. It was a generative experience, a creative endeavour, emergence was emerging. I smiled inwardly to myself because isn’t that […]

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Happy birthday!

12 May, 2021

How time can fly. This month marks a year since we began to write the MyST blog in 2020. When we noticed this anniversary arriving recently, we found ourselves in two minds about whether to note it. This dilemma had us thinking about a workshop a few months back when we joined with some colleagues […]

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Our old friend Vulnerability

11 November, 2020

The other day at MyST, a group of us were reflecting upon our work with complex difficulties amongst complex systems. And it got us thinking about the nature of complexity. A few characteristics of complexity came to mind immediately; many moving parts, interacting in multiple ways, and highly unpredictable. In complex situations, it is impossible […]

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Meeting 10,001 people from another country

20 October, 2020

We were reflecting on our professional development in our roles recently. Having been involved in building MyST from an idea to a regional programme over the past 15 years, we have become very familiar with how things can be in this field of practice. Tracing back over the years, we reflected on our many mistakes. […]

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The broad church of psychological practice

The broad church of psychological practice

22 September, 2020

In a recent reflective practice session we began, as is our custom, by asking the team member leading this particular session what he wanted to use the time for. ‘Well’ our colleague began ‘the child is doing this and that, and the foster carers are doing this and that, and the parents are doing this […]

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Going Swedish

12 June, 2020

Over coffee the other day, our colleague was reflecting with us on how the Covid 19 pandemic had affected her and our work. Our colleague mentioned that she was feeling she could be bolder in meetings these days. She suspected that this might be something to do with people in her meetings being more personable; […]

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