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What do you do about challenging behaviours? …

3 March, 2022

At the moment, MyST is a growing service and so we’ve been holding job interviews recently. We value the involvement of young people in our recruitment processes, and over the years, their participation has taken different forms. This time, with winter Covid restrictions limiting the number and size of our interview panels, we asked young […]

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Relationships bear the fruit

28 April, 2021

Some time ago, and thanks to a few staff changes at MyST, some team members were moving from their established clinical supervisor to a new clinical supervisor within our service. In readiness for this transition, the supervisees along with the ‘old’ and ‘new’ supervisors reviewed how they had been finding clinical supervision, and what they […]

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Cutting a pattern

25 November, 2020

The other day at MyST, whilst talking together about our work with a particular child and family, the worker most closely involved spoke about how the child’s engagement with him seemed a bit patchy. Then another colleague began to notice a pattern in the interaction. ‘This child’s pattern is always to be in and out, […]

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Powerful stuff

8 September, 2020

Central to our MyST teams are our Young People’s Practitioners (YPPs). These practitioners are the ones who bend and stretch to meet the children at the heart of our service. Once a relationship has eventually formed, our YPPs stick like glue to children through the thick and thin of our therapeutic work, and indeed the […]

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Piggy in the middle

28 July, 2020

I was wandering along a sports field on a walk the other day and noticed three young men doing their rugby practice. They were lined up in a row, and whilst the two at either end booted the rugby ball to one another, the man in the middle tried to steal the ball away. A […]

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Don’t take it personally

17 July, 2020

The other day, whilst out for an al fresco meeting, on the breeze we overheard a passing waft of two friends gossiping about a third. ‘O she’s always been difficult that one!’ they agreed. It struck us, how easy it is to assume that what people do is just down to them personally, their personality […]

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