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Helping others and meeting ourselves …

4 April, 2022

Our approach at MyST to helping children who are looked after involves working with the young person and everyone else in the adult system around them. Of course, very central is the young person’s parent or carer; their main caregiver and primary attachment figure. As such, much of our clinical work is undertaken with our […]

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Looking into the shadows

14 July, 2021

A while ago a colleague of mine decided to be very honest with me. She acknowledged something quite taboo amongst helping professionals. She said that she sometimes notices a physical discomfort in the presence of others who are in need. It’s important to say that she doesn’t act on this discomfort. She described how she […]

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Charity begins at home

25 August, 2020

Last week, I was offering clinical supervision to a colleague, when she began telling me about how she had noticed a shift occurring in herself. Where once she was quite self-critical, she now found that she was being more generous towards herself. And this inner shift had led to a corresponding outer shift in how […]

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Becoming ready

21 July, 2020

We were involved in a meeting the other day, discussing with a colleague how she might use a different approach for the benefit of her team. We were giving her some tips and plenty of encouragement, but then she looked a little uncertain. It was Jennie who smiled and said ‘you’ll do it when you’re […]

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Studying ourselves

10 July, 2020

Although as rookies, we can enjoy some lovely beginner’s luck, to really master the art of something, we usually need to develop an intimate understanding of how it works.  A mechanic knows how an engine works. A cook knows how a spaghetti bolognaise works. A parent knows how a family Christmas works. Whilst a knowledge […]

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