How we frame and reframe our worlds


A stroke of luck

15 September, 2020

My partner is a jammy bugger. He’s forever finding money in the street. And not small change, no, this guy found £10 in a park at midnight as we cycled home together from the pub in the dark. He found £20 in the gutter on a trip into town. Then he found £80 in a […]

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Falling in love with an accountant

6 July, 2020

All of our locality MyST teams get together once a fortnight for a joint reflective practice session. This week we discussed data. More specifically, we discussed scores on a psychometric scale gathered six monthly about all of the young people using our service. We wanted to know what this data told us about our work […]

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Before Minecraft

5 June, 2020

The other day my 8 year old son made yet another lockdown induced video call to his best friend from the adjoining room. I overheard the start of their conversation. He got stuck in straightaway: ‘Hi Jack! Did you know that people can change reality? Well, you know how people think? That’s a sort of […]

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The thing about my waist line

13 May, 2020

So here’s the thing…Over the past few years, I’ve slowly been developing a little porky tyre around my middle, that sits on top of my jeans. Now, a clear way to solve this problem is to stop eating so much cake. And yet, problems can also be dis-solved… dissolved. And to do this, we have […]

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