“You are the only professional I’ve let get close emotionally.”

Birth Family Parent

“The support that they and young people receive from MyST is fantastic. MyST will always be available 24/7 to support if need be.”

MyST Foster Carer

“I value the support provided by MyST when a MyST young person stays there is a significant difference in this level of support. Feeling informed about each MyST young person who has stayed”

MyST Foster Carer

“When I talk to you it helps to put everything into place.

Kinship Carer

“MyST are an extension of our residential team and provide around the clock support to help us to further meet the needs and understand the behaviours of the very complex young people that we work with. The MyST team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and have enabled us to adapt our residential practice into therapeutic practice and the results that we have seen with our current young person have been far reaching.

“MyST have enabled us to look past behaviours and truly understand the young people. Not only do MyST provide weekly sessions with the young people, they regularly attend our team meetings, provide monthly System’s meetings, provide clinical supervision to staff where needed as well as supporting us via their on-call system.

“MyST have wrapped around our team from the beginning and have been an invaluable resource which we are extremely grateful for.”

Residential Team Manager

“I seek out because you get me, you know how to speak to me and understand. I have nothing and you help me. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, especially over the last two weeks”

MyST Young Person

“I would like to thank MyST very much for their hard work and commitment during some very testing times. I feels that MyST have remained supportive and have made a positive difference to young person’s life.”

IRO Team Member

A Gwent Partnership Board Service