Masie’s Journey with MyST

23 March, 2023

Masie had not long come into my care prior to MyST starting their work with her, however I had known Masie for a while as I had been doing some respite for her. I was really keen for the work to start with Masie so that she could get the emotional support she needed to […]

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Creating creativity …

5 July, 2022

Providing clinical supervision to a colleague the other day, I noticed a rich stream of thoughts occurring to me. Ideas were easily finding their words of expression, connections between concepts were lighting up at a glance. It was a generative experience, a creative endeavour, emergence was emerging. I smiled inwardly to myself because isn’t that […]

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Pray and Spray (ain’t the way)…

6 June, 2022

At MyST, part of the role of each team is to offer something useful to our professional partners so that together, we can make a positive impact upon children’s wellbeing. This partnership approach aims to bring about systems changes which are greater than the sum of their parts. It’s a little bit like the art […]

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Appreciating genius …

2 May, 2022

Every month we meet the Manager and Clinical Psychologist pairs who jointly lead each of our MyST teams. In one such meeting recently we were discussing how a team were doing in their work. A theme emerged of team members’ needs and how it made such a difference to a team’s performance if these needs […]

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Helping others and meeting ourselves …

4 April, 2022

Our approach at MyST to helping children who are looked after involves working with the young person and everyone else in the adult system around them. Of course, very central is the young person’s parent or carer; their main caregiver and primary attachment figure. As such, much of our clinical work is undertaken with our […]

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What do you do about challenging behaviours? …

3 March, 2022

At the moment, MyST is a growing service and so we’ve been holding job interviews recently. We value the involvement of young people in our recruitment processes, and over the years, their participation has taken different forms. This time, with winter Covid restrictions limiting the number and size of our interview panels, we asked young […]

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Work, work, work

6 December, 2021

Recently, we were meeting together with a friend and fellow professional from another public service. Our friend told us that she was feeling frazzled. She had been working hard, covering staff vacancies, dealing with out of hours crises, trying to maintain the high standards that she is passionate about in the service of young people […]

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The wisdom of a purple sparkly leotard

1 November, 2021

A few months ago a friend of mine was talking to me about her attempts to lose weight and do more exercise. She described how she’d been down this road many times before, sometimes with success, sometimes not, but always finding the process mystifyingly difficult. This year, and with another lockdown under her belt, she […]

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Hi de hi!

4 October, 2021

Since the summer opened her arms with a sunny welcome, and the lifting of Covid restrictions have permitted, I have taken to visiting a local lido whenever I can to start my day with an outdoor swim. It is very beautiful there. Built in the 1920’s, the art deco lido rests easy on the eye, […]

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You're invited

Becoming ourselves. Everyone is invited

8 September, 2021

From time to time we meet together with someone outside of MyST who acts as a consultant to help us to reflect together on how we are approaching our jobs in leading the regional MyST programme, to identify blind spots and to recognise how we might be able to do better. It is useful to […]

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