Systemic practice



13 October, 2020

I love fashion … or ‘style’ as I decided to rebrand it once I grew too old for Topshop and needed to justify to myself why I’m paying double for my clothes these days. And indulging this love, I was recently in a re-opened John Lewis, cruising the rails of ladies-wear.  My arms were slowly […]

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Grey horizon

The beauty of grey

4 August, 2020

After almost 16 years housed at the back of an old industrial site, MyST has a beautiful new base in which to work. For a century before our arrival, our new home was a primary school, and therefore the job of renovating this old, well used building has been a big one. Nearing the final […]

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Young people silhouette

From diabolical to dialogical

22 May, 2020

After last night’s BBQ, a few sausages survived uncooked. My son saw an opportunity and requested a breakfast of sausage sandwich. My partner looked up from his Weetabix: ‘Throw me one in and I’ll eat it cold later.’ ‘No!’ I cried ‘Sausages are too marvellous hot from the pan to be squandered cold for lunch.’ […]

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