How change happens

Masie’s Journey with MyST

23 March, 2023

Masie had not long come into my care prior to MyST starting their work with her, however I had known Masie for a while as I had been doing some respite for her. I was really keen for the work to start with Masie so that she could get the emotional support she needed to […]

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Appreciating genius …

2 May, 2022

Every month we meet the Manager and Clinical Psychologist pairs who jointly lead each of our MyST teams. In one such meeting recently we were discussing how a team were doing in their work. A theme emerged of team members’ needs and how it made such a difference to a team’s performance if these needs […]

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Want to win? Then consider surrender

26 May, 2021

Clinical supervision with a colleague the other day began with me asking her what she would like to focus on for the session.  ‘Sarah’ replied: ‘Well, I’ve had such a great week off on leave last week, and I feel so calm and peaceful, I’m in a really good place to do my work. So […]

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Treasure hunting

19 May, 2021

Meeting with a parent the other day, we were asked for help with a child’s behaviour. This Mum described her child as extremely picky about what happened at home, when it happened and how it was done. If the toast wasn’t buttered correctly, the child couldn’t be consoled. If a friend said the wrong thing, […]

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Falling over

2 December, 2020

On the homeward straight of my run last Sunday I tripped and fell over. Lying there on the ground, covered in mud, ripped leggings and bleeding knees, I noticed a dilemma about what to do next. Should I acknowledge what had happened, feel the pain and take a moment to recover before gingerly getting up […]

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Want to develop? Stop right here

18 November, 2020

I’m no Domestic Goddess. My home is far from perfect. But if you look on my top kitchen shelf tonight, you’ll see the glittering sight of three people’s different birthday gifts, wrapped, ribboned and bagged, each with their respective thoughtfully chosen and penned card by their sides. And as you regard my gleeful face, you’ll […]

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Be the change

1 September, 2020

Recently, in the course of our work, we were talking with some other service leaders. They were concerned that their team weren’t following all of the service standards that the leaders knew were central to bring about good outcomes for the service users. ‘The staff know what they need to do. They know the policies. […]

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That’s transformation folks!

29 June, 2020

Whilst talking together the other day about some endeavour of ours or another, one of us remarked ‘Well, change takes time.’. ‘Mmmm’ we both agreed, hunkering down for the long haul, when a spark struck: Yes, change takes time, but transformation can happen in any given moment. It can be instantaneous. ‘Change’ speaks of movement […]

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