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When MyST does Halloween

7 November, 2023

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CAMHS Online Well-being Workshop

19 October, 2023

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Foster a Teenager. Make a difference

5 September, 2023

  Being a foster carer is a highly rewarding experience for both the carer and the young individual. Every child deserves a caring and supportive family to guide them through the ups and downs of growing up. This is particularly important for children aged 11 and over who may have experienced difficulties growing up and […]

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18 August, 2023

When you have worked through those times and you can support…#advocate #trust #workingtogether #listening #feelings #support #makingadifferencetogether — MyST (@MySTFostering) August 18, 2023

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Kind Words

18 August, 2023

Press Play ▶️ These few sentences mean so much to all at @MySTFostering MyST works with foster carers, families and professionals alongside our young people knowing they feel supported makes us feel proud that we have helped, and the work we do has been noticed regardless of… — MyST (@MySTFostering) August 18, 2023

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Gold Award

10 August, 2023

We would like to introduce Tracey our Victoria’s site cleaner. Tracey works so hard everyday and takes pride in her role looking after Victoria and all the teams. Following an audit via @torfaencouncil cleaning management we are proud to announce Tracey achieved ⭐️⭐️⭐️… — MyST (@MySTFostering) August 10, 2023

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“You can do it, i’m right here!”

9 August, 2023

“You can do it, I’m right here!” 💚Mindfulness in noticing the environment and being patient when waiting to see the animals 💚Conquering anxieties in meeting new people and having new experiences 💚Leaning about safe touch and meeting new friends #zoovisit #animals… — MyST (@MySTFostering) August 9, 2023

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Puffa Jones

2 August, 2023

They are extremely grateful @PuffaJones. One happy young person. Thank you very much! 🚴‍♂️#freebikes4kids #generosity #KeepingYoungPeopleActive @BikeWalkScoot — MyST (@MySTFostering) August 2, 2023

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When young people have a little inspiration!

18 July, 2023

When young people have a little inspiration! WOW! How good is this…🎨🖌️🎣🌳🍂🌼 🐠 💦 Thank you so much @ben_connors for all your support. Bringing ideas to life. #art #workingprogress #time #memories #thoughts #visions #youngpeoplefirst #colours #TyPawb @sammysam08 — MyST (@MySTFostering) July 18, 2023

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#CAMHS online workshops during August

7 July, 2023

#CAMHS online workshops during August! Great free support resource!   #CAMHS online workshops during August! Great free support resource! @AneurinBevanUHB @CAMHSCymru — MyST (@MySTFostering) July 6, 2023

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