Trauma, The brain, and our young people

In this MyST training we will be looking at how the impact of trauma can disrupt key developmental process and how this affects brain development. We will also think together about how this affects the thoughts and feelings young people develop about themselves, others, and the wider world, and how it is often communicated through their behaviour. Finally, we hope to explore what we can do and how we respond to young people who have experienced trauma.


Learning Outcomes:

To understand how trauma affects the development, and function, of the brain.

  • How these impacts on the way young people learn about, and experiences, themselves, others and the wider world and how it affects their behaviour.
  • To share and learn about ways we can respond to young people who have experienced trauma.

Reflection on the impact of caring for young people who have lived experience of trauma and think about how we can look after ourselves and each other.

A Gwent Partnership Board Service