Foster a Teenager. Make a difference

5 September, 2023


Being a foster carer is a highly rewarding experience for both the carer and the young individual.

Every child deserves a caring and supportive family to guide them through the ups and downs of growing up. This is particularly important for children aged 11 and over who may have experienced difficulties growing up and are facing the added challenges of adolescence.

Across Gwent in 2021/22, more than 600 foster placements were required for young people aged 11+. As a result, Foster Wales teams in Torfaen, Monmouthshire, Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, and Newport, urge more people to consider fostering teenagers in their local communities.

Local foster carers, Gavin, Amy and Kelly, who are presently fostering teens, share the unique aspects of fostering young people and help to dispel some myths surrounding teenagers in foster care.

Meet the foster carers making a difference to teens – Wales Online

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