What is MyST?

MyST (My Support Team) is a multiagency partnership working to help children who are looked after, remain in their local communities. It works seamlessly across statutory agencies to provide an effective alternative to residential care for children who are looked after with highly complex needs. MyST is commissioned by the Gwent Children and Families Partnership Board. This service is already established in Torfaen and Caerphilly and will be regional across all of Gwent by 2021

Why MyST matters?

Those children who are cared for in family environments and in their local communities benefit from increased developmental and resilience-building opportunities including maintaining relationships with friends, siblings, parents and extended family members which are otherwise disrupted by significant moves. Care managed by one consistent team over the long term also provides opportunities for young people to develop genuine attachments, which prove so vital to their onward development.

Working with everyone involved in a young person’s life, we have the necessary resources to meet their needs and the needs of their families. Making a long-term commitment and working in true partnership with professional colleagues, and most importantly with young people themselves and their families, creates a significant resource of knowledge, skills, creativity and determination.

Download a copy of the MyST Regional Information Leaflet here.